Arte tijuanense/fronterizo

Muchos tijuanenses no están enterados del ruido que hacen los movimientos artísticos regionales a nivel internacional.

Este es un comentario de una tijuanense, titulado Under the Influence, en respuesta a cierto articulo que ella misma señala:

    I read Daniel Hernandez’s article [“Nuevo Cool,” Jan. 26–Feb. 1] about Tijuana artists, in which he says artists ignore “in their work the daily carnage of narco-related killings that keep most of Tijuana’s citizens living in perpetual fear,” and then wonders “if Tijuana art will truly break through only when its cultural workers become willing to deal with their city’s demons.”

This made me think — I thank you for this. And I ask, are L.A. artists obligated to deal with drive-by shootings, gangs and immigration problems before they can mature as artists? Or is this only his vision for Third World Tijuana artists, who, accord­ing to him, are apparently in denial about their surroundings?

Tijuana is and has been for many years under the influence of California, one of the richest “countries” in the world. There is no escape from this; we cannot move away. Our drug and mafia problems exist because we are your neighbors — and you, our neighbors, want and need drugs. We have lived with this for years — “what else is new?” The fact is, there are many interesting phenomena happening in Tijuana about which our artists are talking.

Alida Guajardo
Tijuana, Baja California

Definitivamente el artista tijuanense, en cierto grado, se aprovecha del tema fronterizo y todo eso que Tijuana representa internacionalmente. No es fácil ignorar este ambiente y, en otra perspectiva, es lo mismo que atrae allá afuera. Es lo mismo que ya me harto.

Hay otras cosas interesantes en el comentario de Alida pero por el momento ya exprese mi disgusto.


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