Imagine all the people :)

La historia de un expolicia norteamericano pro legalización de las drogas, me llevo a esto:

Now envision a world where all drugs sell in state-regulated stores, not on street corners by teens which gets them killed. Imagine a world where the federal police focus on securing our borders from armed and unarmed invasion. Envision a world where terrorist [we] don’t buy weapons from money made selling drugs. Imagine a world where felony crime drops over 50 percent and local police focus on drunk drivers, child predators and terrorists. Envision a world where if one day you or a loved one has a drug problem, you see a doctor not a judge. America can have this world, if it repeals its laws of the New Prohibition.”

Ese párrafo es la parte final de la nota. Lo importante. Las letras negritas remarcan lo que nos interesa aquí. Lo demas sigue siendo un tanto Republicano. Y lo que más me gusto es eso de que “si un querido tiene problemas con las drogas, visitemos a un doctor y no a un juez”.

También, yo agregue lo de [we].

Original: The Farce on the War on Drugs


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