“Se turista en tu estado” nunca sonó mas atractivo

Con todas las construcciones y nuevos resorts, spas, edificios y más edificios turísticos a lo largo del corredor costero Tijuana-Rosarito-Ensenada, lo que menos se debe espantar es el turismo:

“I’ve told my officers it is strictly prohibited to stop vehicles with foreign plates, especially from California,” said Victor Manuel Zatarain, Tijuana police chief.

WTF! Esa cita, de Zatarain, esta en un articulo con fecha de 26 de Julio, del 2007, llamado “As Donald Trump moves in, a crackdown on Baja bribes in Tijuana” donde también encuentro las palabras de un expolicía de Playas de Rosarito, que pidiendo quedar en anonimato, contó algunas otras cosas interesantes:

Many police officers turn to extortion, he said, because their supervisors threaten to transfer them to dangerous neighborhoods if they don’t fork over a daily share of cash from bribes.

Officers usually don’t demand cash from the drivers they stop, he said. Instead, they start asking a lot of questions and reviewing registration records. Most people are quick to offer a bribe to avoid long dealings with officers who seem to have nothing but time on their hands.

“For Americans, $20 is nothing,” said the former officer. “The American has money. The American doesn’t know the law. The American doesn’t want his vacation delayed.”

The best way to avoid paying a bribe, he said, is to insist on being taken to the police station.

“If the American wanted to go to the station, I would follow for a while, and then put on my lights and pretend I had an emergency. I didn’t want to get in trouble with my supervisors,” the former patrol officer said.

Link: As Donald Trump moves in, a crackdown on Baja bribes in Tijuana


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